Bristol Animal Rescue Centre (Bristol A.R.C.)

At Rocco the Rock Star we have partnered with Bristol Animal Rescue Centre to help raise funds to  support the charity

Bristol A.R.C

Being Bristolians this charity is very close to our hearts. Bristol Animal Rescue Centre has been caring for the city’s unwanted and rescued pets and wildlife for over 130 years. The charity is the oldest and largest local animal charity, helping, healing and homing over 10,000 vulnerable animals each year. Bristol A.R.C. is affiliated with the RSPCA, however it does not receive any automatic funding from the RSPCA and relies entirely on local community support to carry out its vital work. At Rocco the Rock Star HQ we are committed to raising awareness of the joys of rescue dogs and promoting kindness to animals and each other. As a business we try and give back where we can to help charities that work with rescue dogs here in the UK and abroad.

Bristol Animal Rescue Centre (Bristol A.R.C.)
Registered Charity No. 205858

Supporting Bristol A.R.C.

Their mission statement is to prevent cruelty and promote kindness to animals as well as reducing animal suffering and increasing animal wellbeing as much as possible.

Their welfare principles are based on the RSPCA’s ‘5 Freedoms’:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour
  • Freedom from fear and distress

Subject to space, the charity aims never to turn away an animal in need of their help. They always go the extra mile to meet the particular welfare needs of each animal in their care. As well as enrichment, diet, play and expert veterinary care, all animals are respected and treated with empathy and compassion.

You can find out more about Bristol A.R.C. here.

Rocco the Rock Star – Children’s Book

This beautifully illustrated Children’s book follows Rocco and the mischievous doggy characters he meets along his rescue journey, as they embark on a series of often hilarious and amazing adventures which don’t always go to plan. A captivating kids book with kindness at its core.

Rocco the Rock Star and the Flower of Sascut – Children’s book

This beautifully illustrated children’s book introduces another amazing rescue dog called Flo who soon becomes part of Rocco’s gang. In this exciting dog adventure story, the gang of doggy misfits continue their hilarious and amazing adventures uncovering a series of hidden tunnels underneath the medieval town of Chipping Dogbury.

Rocco the Rock Star and the Case of Mistaken Identity – Children’s Book

An enchanting children’s detective book featuring superhero Rocco the Rock Star, a real life rescue dog who once again teams up with his gang of doggy misfits, this time to keep the beautiful town of Chipping Dogbury safe.

Rocco the Rock Star Swallows the Moon – Children’s Book

An enchanting Christmas tale
featuring Rocco the Rock Star,
the now famous ex-street
dog and his unique gang of
furry friends.
Their adventures begin with the
arrival of some magical creatures
from Lapland who soon become
part of the gang.