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Charlie Ford Author

I am absolutely crazy about Dogs, and as a young child, always had a dog at my side. As a grown up this still remains the same. I have had various Jobs throughout my life however at this particular stage in my life I consider myself extremely lucky to now work with dogs and also write beautiful Children’s books about Dogs and the joy they bring to our every day lives.

Charlie Ford


My name is Rachel, and I am the proud owner of Rocco the Rock Star. Before I had Rocco I always had dogs but I never rescued. Rocco came to me at a very sad time of my life, I was very lonely and he turned my life around. I would always tell Rocco how I found him and how he saved me. One evening whilst I was telling him the story for the hundredth time, I suddenly thought this would make a great book, and children would really love to hear this story. I hope this book which Rocco inspired me to write will raise awareness of how special rescue dogs are and hopefully will lead to more rescue dogs finding their forever homes.

Rachel Smith


Rachel Smith Author

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