Nice to meet you

“Hello Rocco,” the lady said. “So nice to meet you, this is your new home, I do hope you will like it here.”

My dear Rocco

"There is no other dog like you in the world and you, my dear Rocco, are priceless.”

What a day

“Have you had a lovely day handsome?” Mummy said. Rocco wished he could tell Mummy all about it.

I found him

“I found him on the rubbish tip scavenging for food all on his own,” the man said. “He looked cold and hungry"

The clock tower

As Rocco looked out of the window he could see a long, wide street with a clock tower

The festival

The lead singer pointed a finger at Rocco and said, “Hey handsome, help us out with the chorus.”

Child's book
Rocco the rock star

Rocco the Rock Star

By Rachel Smith and Charlie Ford
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£7.99 + £1.50 1st Class p&p

The true story of Rocco, now
known as Rocco the Rock Star, a Romanian rubble pup
(street dog) who thanks to a stranger’s act of kindness
began his 2,788km journey to a safer, happier and
more confident life in the beautiful Cotswolds.

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