A fragile flower

Flo put her head back down with a little sigh and closed her eyes. She didn’t feel like eating or drinking anything.

A close shave

“Oh Rocco, you seem to have a muddy nose, what have you been up to today with Charlie and the gang?”

Wrong turn

“Don’t worry, I know the way,” said Jasper, holding up the compass. “Follow me.”

The gang's plan

Rocco and Jasper just looked at each other in amazement and slight envy – why hadn’t they thought of that?

Delicious mistake

Suddenly, Rocco’s head broke through the tunnel wall and who was in front of his very eyes covered in mud?

Following day

“Wait a minute,” said Flo, “that’s my job, I’m the lookout. Monty said I’m a very good one.”

Book Two of rocco the rock star
Book Two of rocco the rock star

Rocco the Rock Star and the Flower of Sascut

By Rachel Smith and Charlie Ford
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£8.99 + £1.50 1st Class p&p

The inspiring story of Flo Bear Star and
how patience and love help her blossom into
a much loved member of the gang, who go
on an epic underground adventure.

childrens book two of rocco the rock star